Saturday, January 5, 2013

tool 3

1. Visit several of the video hosting/streaming sites mentioned above. Share with your readers which sites you found most useful for your content and why:
I found youtube to be the most useful site for finding videos on physics. Teacher tube was slow and some of the videos I was interested in wouldn't load.

2. Using any of the video resources mentioned above, find and select twovideos that may be useful resources in your classroom:
In the video below Dr. Neal deGrasse Tyson talks about what asking the question "Does the Universe have a Purpose?" infers, and what empirical date suggests.

The video below belongs to a series called minute physics. I would use videos from this series to introduce a topic as a quick way to engage the students.

3. Articulate what you learned about copyright and fair use. What was new to you?
It is illegal to use copyright material with out permission or paying for a licence. There are fair use laws that do allow you to use copyright material in certain contexts. I already new the information that was provided on the use of copyright material. It was pertinent for me to know when working on projects at the university. I do think that this is a good lesson to teach to students.

4. How could you use Drop Box in your classroom?
Drop Box is a fast and easy way to share files in my class room. Once I took the time to have students set up their own drop box accounts I could post flipcharts for students access at any time, students could turn in online homework assignments, and I could share videos for students to view on their own time. 

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